Deer Anterler Velvet 2oz

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2oz Drops
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  • 2oz Bottle of Deer Antler Velvet Proprietary Formula
  • Comes in a spray top
  • 200mg Daily Dose

Perhaps one of the most unexpected results of the Japanese research on mice demonstrated that there was a possible inhibition of a particular enzyme that increases with aging and is correlated to various diseases including hardening of the arteries, senility, depression, and arthritis, called MAO-B (monamine oxidase B). Thus, a reduction in MAO-B enzyme could help to fight certain common diseases. These Japanese researchers went on to show additionally that along with protein increases in the liver, there could be a proportional increase in ribonucleic acid (RNA) which directly parallels increased enzymatic activity. RNA molecules are messengers responsible for carrying out DNA instructions to create proteins, and all enzymes are proteins. If these orders are carried out, life functions accelerate and abound; whereas, if they decrease or if RNA or DNA decreases, life functions slow down and can stop. Thus, increased levels of energy and regeneration of cells can result as effects from increased protein synthesis. Just another way that demonstrates a possible anabolic activity from this 2,000-year-old medicinal food.

It appears that a small increase in the level of testosterone could make a big difference in a man's ability to perform sexually and even his interest in sex. The conventional methods of treatment which include testosterone injections and/or prescription drugs that include oral testosterone could, in fact, create unwanted side effects such as liver damage and the reduction of the male's ability to produce his own testosterone. These particular problems could be eliminated with antler velvet, and for this reason this natural product might become the product of choice for the male impotence problem.

In addition to this, Chinese doctors have used antler velvet for possible treatment in male incontinence, prostatic problems, and enlarged prostates for hundreds, if not thousands of years. This could be attributed to other parts of the antler such as the anti-inflammatory prostaglandins and the anti-inflammatory portions of the body. Yes, antler velvet could become the health supplement of choice for all seasons, and almost all reasons.

According to Dr. Peter Yoon, deer antler velvet could be the safest drug, causing only mild upset stomach if too much is taken. Thus, the benefits of deer antler velvet could outweigh the risk of upset stomach. I personally feel that this is one of the premier new products in the health industry, as it has the possibility of being one of the few natural animal products that is harvested on a year-to-year basis. And the living conditions of the male deer can be relatively controlled; many of them can receive additional vitamins and veterinarian assistance to maintain their health; they can be raised on ranches with enormous amounts of property so that they can run free. Antler velvet could increase stamina and have many other health benefits as well.

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